The Need for Speed

Who doesn’t want to be faster? Whether you’re an avid racer or just starting out, these tips will help improve your performance and help you reach your personal best. Make […]

Shin splints and How to Prevent Them

Shin splints are a common problem, especially among runners. They can be quite painful and frustrating, derailing a runner’s goals. Before we dive into what could be causing shin splints […]

What’s Next: Completing Women & Weights

Six weeks of Women & Weights came and went quickly, more quickly than I expected. I learned a lot throughout the program, such as new exercises to incorporate into my […]

What is Your Fitness Journey?

I am a fitness enthusiast! I love to run, bike, swim, weight lift, kayak, cross-country ski, rollerblade/ice skate, and I really enjoy yoga.  I get asked a lot how I […]

Getting the Most Out of Yoga Class

Yoga is all about strength, flexibility, endurance and balance.  It is an exercise modality that can stand alone but ideally yoga complements your other exercise plans.  Because of yoga’s strengthening […]

Pilates For Better Balance

Pilates is a fantastic way to increase your ability to balance and be stable on your own two feet.  This can help decrease risk of injury and prevent falling. Strengthening […]

Are You Under Eating?

Eating and proper nutrition are fuel for our bodies, and this is especially important when we start increasing the frequency or intensity of our workouts.  When a person under eats […]

Take Time to Stretch

Cardio and strength training are an important part of any workout plan.  Recovery is essential as well. For some of us, stretching is too often the first thing we let […]