Fearless: Signing Up for Women & Weights

Tucked behind the rows of cardio equipment and strength machines, there’s a field of green, bristly turf in Beacon Health & Fitness’s Granger location. What happens here? The answer is […]

The Principles of Pilates

Use of each of the nine Pilates Principles will enable you to better your own Pilates practice.  They are formulated to give direction to the mind/body approach of Pilates.  Treat […]

3 Running Workouts: Unlock Your Potential

I must admit, although I have been running for close to a decade now, for a long time I did not incorporate different running workouts.  I usually set out with […]

Pilates Tips For Beginners

Thinking about starting Pilates?  Wonderful!  Here are a few tips to help you feel more confident about your new practice. Find a favorite class and commit to it on a […]

Progressive Overload

You’ve been on Instagram or Facebook and seen people post infographics such as The 30-day Squat Challenge or The Ultimate Chest Workout Guide and thought “let’s give this a try.” […]

Pure Pilates is for everyone, including you!

You’ve probably walked past the Pilates Reformer studios in our clubs and may even have wondered what possible benefit those torture device-looking machines could offer. Rest assured, the benefits of […]

Staying Motivated

How to Stay Motivated with Running…or other Fitness Goals. Many of us made some new fitness goals for the New Year, including running or a goal race during the year. […]

Forgiveness: Good For Your Health

Are you holding on to a situation that is causing you emotional distress? Whether it is a simple spat with your spouse or a deeper, long-held resentment toward a friend, […]

Metabolism Matters

There are several factors that influence your metabolism. Some people have a higher metabolic rate thanks to their genes. Muscles burn three times more calories than fat even when you’re […]