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Monday - Friday 5:00 am - 9:00 pm, Saturday, Sunday 7:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Cardio Dance

Cardio Dance does so much for you! As you move your body in all directions, taking up to 7,000 steps per class, you receive benefits from head to toe. With all the different moves and direction changes, you strengthen muscles in your lower extremities and strengthen bones with each stomp to the beat. Wrists, shoulders, hands and elbows benefit greatly from large and small joint and muscle movements that help decrease the progression of arthritis and contractures as we lubricate those joints and lengthen the muscles. During the class, your heart rate climbs and allows the heart muscle to get stronger as it works to pump more blood out to the body delivering more oxygen. The increased circulation of blood is important to prevent pooling of blood in lower extremities that can cause clots, to assist in keeping legs from swelling and to prevent difficulty pumping blood back up to the heart. As the heart continues to be exercised, the walls of the heart become stronger allowing the heart to pump more efficiently. Also, the blood vessels around the heart get better blood flow that helps prevent total blockage of blood to the heart, your good cholesterol increases and there is a decreased risk for cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.

One of the best things about Cardio Dance is the brain and mental health benefits. As multiple body parts move and groove to the music, the synapses in the brain connect and nerve endings fire leading to improved cognitive abilities. With the improved mood not just from the music but from the moves, Cardio Dance will have you even more committed to your fitness routine! Thank you, endorphins!

Christine Vonasek, RN