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Swim Lessons

Registration for July Intensive Session 2 swim lessons opens Wednesday, July 17 at 8am Sign up & join our email list and we'll remind you before registration opens.

Elkhart Health & Aquatics offers a wide variety of lessons for swimmers of all ages and abilities. Our certified instructors lead your swimmer through the motions while supporting and encouraging them.

We offer swim lessons for anyone, no matter the skill level. Join our youth & adult small-group swim lessons, private lessons for children & adults, or join a youth or masters competitive swim team.

Learn to swim or improve your skills with us today!

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2024 Swim Lesson Session Schedule:

Winter Sessions

Monday, January 8 – Thursday, February 1 | 4-Week Session (8 classes)
Monday, February 12 – Thursday, March 7 | 4-Week Session (8 classes)

Spring Sessions

Sunday, March 17 – Thursday, April 18 | 4-Week Session (8 classes) No Classes March 31 – April 4 for Spring Break
Monday, April 29 – Thursday, May 23 | 4-Week Session (8 classes)

Summer Sessions

Monday, June 3 – Thursday, June 27 | 4-Week Evening Session (8 classes)
Monday, July 8 – Thursday, July 31 | 4-Week Evening Session (8 classes)
Monday, July 8 – Thursday, July 18 | 2-Week Afternoon Session (8 classes)
Monday, July 22 – Thursday, August 1 | 2-Week Afternoon Session (8 classes)

Fall Sessions

Monday, September 9 – Thursday, October 3 | 4-Week Session (8 classes)
Monday October 14 – Thursday, November 7 | 4-Week Session (8 classes)
Monday, November 18 – Thursday, December 19 | 4-Week Session (8 classes) No Classes Nov 25 – 28 For Thanksgiving
Winter Break Mini Session – TBD

*Dates may be subject to change

Youth & Adult: Learn to swim

Join us for our next session of small-group or private swim lessons!

Ages 6 months – 3 years: Warm water classes for parents & toddlers that focus on improving basic water safety & skills.
Parent & Child Level 1: 3 years & under

Covers familiarity in the pool, getting more comfortable with their face in the water, learning safety skills, and blowing bubbles using songs and games.

Parent & Child Level 2: 3 years & under

Works on getting more confident in the pool, reaching for toys underwater, climbing out on their own, jumping and gliding to an adult, and arm and leg actions.

Ages 3-6 years: Focus is on the progression of water safety and skills for your early swimmer
Preschool Level 1: 3 – 6 years

For your swim lesson beginner. They’ll work on floating and gliding with support, breath control & blowing bubbles, retrieving objects underwater, and begin to explore deeper water.

Preschool Level 2: 3 – 6 years

For those children who are starting to gain more independence in the water. They’ll work on recovering from back glides, rolling over floats, opening their eyes underwater, and start to learn elementary swimming strokes.

Preschool Level 3: 3 – 6 years

For your confident child. They’ll work on breath holding, elementary swim strokes, floating without assistance, recovering from floats independently, changing direction while swimming on back, and treading water with arms and legs.

Ages 6 – 13 years: Focus is on the progression of water safety and skills for your early swimmer.
Learn to Swim Level 1: 6 years & older

For children who’ve never had swimming lessons before. They’ll work on blowing bubbles, gliding & recovering to standing, rolling over floats, elementary swim strokes, and building comfort in the water.

Learn to Swim Level 2: 6 years & older

For children with some swimming experience. They’ll work on breath control, retrieving objects underwater, various floats & recovering independently, elementary swim strokes, pushing off into swim strokes and safety around deep water.

Learn to Swim Level 3: 6 years & older

For children who are ready to start working towards competitive swimming. They’ll work on learning new kicks and swim strokes, rotary breathing, headfirst entries, and deep-water skills.

Learn to Swim Level 4: 6 years & older

For children who are ready to learn proper competitive strokes. They’ll work on headfirst entries, surface dives, streamline into strokes, underwater swimming, and treading water using different kicks.

Learn to Swim Level 5: 6 years & older

For children who are almost ready to start competing! They’ll work on shallow-angle dives, surface dives, flip-turns, and competitive swim strokes.

Ages 14 & up: Introducing & developing basic water skills.
Adult Level 1: 18 years & older

For adults with little to some swimming experience. Focus on breath control, building comfort in and around the water, various floats & recovering independently, elementary swim strokes, pushing off into swim strokes and safety around deep water.

Adult Level 2: 18 years & older

For adults who are ready to focus on competitive swimming strokes. Working on learning propulsive kicks and swim strokes, rotary breathing, confidence in deep water, and treading.

*All lessons are at the pool at Elkhart Health & Aquatics

Not sure which class is best for your child or need more information on a program?

Contact us, we’re happy to help!  |  574.584.2560


Achieve your aquatic goals with help from an Elkhart Health & Aquatics certified swim instructor.

Coaches assist with:

  • Learning how to swim
  • Technique and refinement
  • Competitive training
  • Endurance and conditioning
  • … and much more!