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Training vs. Exercise

When starting with a personal trainer, evaluate want you want to get out of your time together. A consistent, well-defined goal is the perfect vehicle for how to structure your workouts. If you don’t have a goal in mind then you’re just exercising for the sake of moving your body around. This is all well and good, but it misses the point of spending an hour working out.

With a well thought out goal, a trainer and a client can structure the workout in a way that works towards that goal. This is what is defined as training; it’s the act of working out with a purpose. Each workout therefore has a defined reason for happening and can be set up to act as one step in a multi-step process on the way towards succeeding at the goal.

It doesn’t matter what that goal is, but without one, no such process can be created. I challenge you to think hard about why you are working out. You probably started with a positive goal in mind, such as losing weight or gaining strength, but that goal might have become muddled over time. If you feel like you are just showing up to the gym out of habit, you should stop and give yourself some time to re-evaluate why you are there.  If working out for the sake of moving your body and feeling better is enough for you, then great. With a goal, and a plan to get there, you can see the fruits of your labor more clearly.

Exercise is hard work with no purpose; training is hard work with a reward at the end.  Yes, exercise is important but training feels more focused, intelligent, and downright cooler. Come talk to a personal trainer about your goals.

Let’s not just work out together, LET’S TRAIN.

Tyler Lamoreaux

Tyler Lamoreaux

ACSM Personal Trainer | Beacon Health & Fitness Personal Trainer of the Year 2019 & 2020