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Triathlon Checklist

Leading up to the race make sure to practice your nutrition plan. This is vital so you will know
how your body will react with what you put into it during a race. Test a few different fueling
strategies and go with what works best for you. The same idea goes for your race clothes and
shoes. Never try anything new on race day.

Don’t Forget!

Swim cap
Shoes- Bike
Nutrition (Gels, Bottles)
Extra Shirt/Shorts

Swim – This is the first event of the race. It usually is the shortest event but you still need to
practice pacing. You don’t want go out too hard in the swim and then suffer the next two
events. Use the pool walls to your advantage during the swim. Get a good push off each wall and
you can glide a little further and use less energy.
Bike – This is the second leg of the race, usually the longest distance. Being indoors for the bike
is a blessing and a curse. You don’t have the wind to hold you up, but you also don’t have the
wind to cool you off. Try to find that sweet spot in your gears and revolutions that will produce
the most speed without taxing your legs for the run. Usually a higher resistance with a lower
cadence will yield a high mph.
Run – The final leg of the race. Find a good rhythm, all you need to do is pick your feet up and go. Save a little for the end though, that way you can sprint through the finish.