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Pure Pilates

Pure Pilates is for everyone!  These classes can be geared towards all levels, athletic, young, old, men, women, pregnant, injured, and so much more. Our knowledgeable instructors do an amazing job to fit the levels and needs of each individual with these versatile, incredible machines.

Need balance and agility work? We can make it happen! One of many options is to take you to the Pilates Chair and do single leg “pumps.”  You balance on one leg that is grounded, with options to hold onto handles, and have the other leg with a spring weight resistance under that foot as you pump it up and down to also add in strength work.

Need flexibility? You just lie down on the bed of the carriage with a single leg in a strap getting pulled back from a weighted coil to really focus on a hamstring stretch for the back of that leg.

There really is so much the Pure Pilates classes can offer you to help achieve your health and fitness goals. Pilates is an incredible way to work on strength, core, balance, and flexibility. 

Go ahead, give Pure Pilates a try! 

Mallory Pawling

Mallory Pawling

Fitness Specialist, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Pilates Trainer, Best Medicine, Aquatic Group Fitness