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Fit Gifts

Wrapping up Health for the Holidays

There’s no better gift than health. Consider these old school ideas for the exercise-minded on your list. But remember: if someone is not currently exercising and isn’t likely to want to, then giving the gift of fitness can feel like code for ‘You’ve gained a few pounds this year, haven’t you?’ If your loved one is happy sitting on the couch then a couple new throw pillows might be more appropriate, but otherwise, go crazy with these low-tech healthy ideas:

A Set of Exercise Bands. These are great for people who travel—they’re small, lightweight, and can even tuck into a purse or briefcase if they don’t have handles.

Health Club or Group Exercise Passes. A BHF health club pass could get someone who doesn’t currently use a gym in the habit, or simply be a good treat on a cold, wintery day.

Local and Healthy Food. A gift certificate to somewhere that offers fresh and healthy food makes it easier for someone you care about to eat well, even on the run. Combine that with a few of your favorite recipes (you can even put them in a book or binder), a cookbook, or a dish you’ve made yourself, and you’ve got a very hearty offering.

A Massage. Can you ever go wrong with this one? Even people who wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of running shoes will happily flop down for a little deep tissue work. BHF massages can be 30 or 60 minutes.

A Healthy Experience.  A commitment to take a friend or loved one skiing, on a hiking or canoe trip, is the kind of once-in-a-lifetime gift memories are made of. Agreeing to babysit for a friend so he or she can get in a workout here or there or join a weekly meditation group might remove a barrier for someone in your life.

And don’t forget a healthy gift for yourself that only you know you need. Maybe it’s delegating more tasks at your job, or hiring someone to clean your house so you have a little more time in the New Year. Things like new athletic shoes and other gear where fit is important are best bought by their user, so don’t wait for someone else to get those for you.

Bridget Hardy

Bridget Hardy

Personal Trainer, Pilates Trainer, Wellness Coaching