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Carly Kaufmann

Education and Certifications:

ACSM CPT & Corrective Exercise Specialist | Beacon Health & Fitness Personal Trainer of the Year 2021 & 2022

“Create the habit.” This is a phrase Carly strives to impress upon everyone. Show up to the gym and let us help you with the rest.

Carly has a passion for making fitness enjoyable. She walks in every day with a small but impactful goal,  to make the gym a welcoming, comfortable and safe space for everyone. The gym can be intimidating and confusing but with proper guidance anyone can make it a positive experience.

Once an individual falls in love with the process it is surprising how much progress they can make. This was Carly’s own experience, before pursuing a career in health and fitness; she can help it become your own.

"I started training with Carly Kaufmann this March with one-hour personal sessions. Best investment ever! Carly is a wonderful trainer not only because she is knowledgeable, but because she listens to everything I say and is a “good read” of her clients. It did not take her long to figure out that I am ambitious and competitive, so she uses that information to challenge me without making me sore! An aspect I really appreciate is Carly’s creativity with a variety of exercises to achieve the same results and avoid boredom and/or burn-out. In addition, if equipment for a certain exercise is not available, Carly always has another option “up her sleeve” so that the exercise can be completed. Carly reminds me at every session during and/or at the end that I am strong and how far I have come. That is very empowering and motivating for me and makes me smile. I feel like a super star when I leave, and I look forward to my next workout. Carly keeps a good eye on me regarding rest breaks and nutrition to ensure I am hydrating and eating enough for my workouts. She encourages me to ask anything if I have questions. I am not in this training to lose weight, but to get strong, gain more flexibility and feel confidence in my body. Carly is helping me achieve that goal and I appreciate all her experience and time!! This training is my gift to me. I only have one body and I need to invest in it. Beacon has great program, thank you."