Strategies To Help You Relax

Relax - Breathe

Chronic, everyday stress causes health problems. Managing that stress through intentional relaxation lowers blood pressure, increases blood flow and improves digestion and sleep. It also helps you handle anger and frustration. But relaxing can be difficult for many people.

Top Ten Health Benefits of Pilates

The benefits of Pilates are what draw Hollywood starlets and average people alike, to keep up a routine for life. A list of benefits for this form of exercise could go and on, so I’ve drafted a top ten list. After looking over the perks of Pilates, I hope you decide to start your own routine and enjoy it for years to come.

Stretching Before Bed

Stretching before bed is beneficial for everyone, but especially for those who have trouble falling asleep or have nights full of restless sleep. Stretching before bed relieves muscle tension, prevents nocturnal muscles(specifically in the legs), de-stresses the body and mind, provides more restful sleep, and helps your body recover and regenerate.

Variety is Key

People often come to the gym and participate in the same program, routine or class each visit. Sometimes our bodies get too comfortable with the same movements over and over again. It is important to add a variety of new elements to your regular exercise routine. Adding new movement patterns helps keep your body safe from injury, plateauing, and keeps you feeling challenged.

Weightlifting for Women

The myth “women shouldn’t lift weights because they’ll get bulky” has been around for ages. It’s something that I hear about almost every day. A lot of women are scared to lift weights because they don’t want to put on large amounts of muscle mass. When, in reality, weightlifting is incredibly beneficial for women.

The Workout of Loving Relationships

We’ve all heard the research that says healthy relationships help support quality of life. But what are some of the specifics? Here are my favorite bonuses that come from meaningful interaction with people: