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Trainer Testimonial – Rachele Allen

The job of a personal trainer requires one to evaluate client needs, plan personalized workout routines, and track performance goals over time. What differentiates a good from great trainer, however, is their level of commitment to clients.

Beacon Health & Fitness Personal Trainer, Rachele Allen, is the perfect example. Below, read the inspiring testimonial from one of Rachele’s clients. Her story serves as a reminder that we are stronger than we know…sometimes all we need is someone to stand beside us in our journey.

A year ago, I was at a very devastating doctor appointment where I was told that, at the age of 53, my bone density had “Significantly Decreased” and now fell into the category of osteoporosis. I was told that if I even hit my knee, it could possibly shatter. More upsetting, I was told I no longer should be riding my horse. I had finally gotten to the age where my kids were grown so now had the time to ride, but now I learned it was no longer an option for me. 

Not wanting to accept this, I pushed my doctor to refer me to a bone density specialist. She strongly encouraged me to do strength training. I hated gyms and had never been on the main floor of one nor did I want to! I had no idea what I was doing and was more than intimidated. 

I walked out of the doctor office that day and walked right into Beacon Health & Fitness to sign up for personal training. 

I was set up with Rachele who, God love her, had the patience of a saint. She sat there and listened to me about how I couldn’t do this or that because of a bad back, sore wrist, etc. – I had every excuse in the book but she sat and listened attentively. We started off slow. Honestly at first, I dreaded every morning I needed to go. Slowly but surely, though, I realized that I started to really look forward to seeing Rachele and could feel how much stronger I was getting. There were tears along the way and moments of complete amazement of the progress I was making. Rachele was there throughout it all. Helping me and encouraging me through the tough times and celebrating all the victories. She had faith in me when I didn’t and saw in me what I never thought was possible. 

I went from someone who never worked out to someone who now strength trains 6 days a week. I owe it all to Rachele. 

A couple weeks ago, I had to repeat my bone density test. To say I was nervous to get the results back, is an understatement. Praying that a year of hard work and dedication would pay off. My results showed “A SIGNIFICANT INCREASE IN BONE DENSITY

There are trainers but then there are those that truly change your life. Rachele is that person for me. Our sessions are so much more than just strength training. I am stronger mentally and physically because of her. She’s not only an extremely knowledgeable and incredible trainer but is also someone who takes the necessary time to really listen and has the patience for her clients.   

It has been one hell of a ride for me this past year and I’m setting goals that I never would have ever thought possible a year ago. I wouldn’t want anyone else but Rachele next to me working toward them. 

She started as a trainer to me a year ago but today, she is my cheerleader, my accountability partner and one of my best friends…that’s a pretty special person.

– Lori Smith, BHF – Elkhart Client