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At Home Workout

5 at home movements you can do at the club or at home! 
Repeat all movements 3 times through and you have yourself a full body workout.

  1. Step Ups
  • Start with both feet on the ground, shoulder width apart
  • Step your whole foot onto the chosen elevated surface
  • Step other foot on the elevated surface so you are standing with both feet on the surface
  • Bring the first foot down to the beginning surface with the second foot following
  • Repeat on the other side (change lead foot) for 15 step ups on each lead foot


2.  Resistance Band Wide Rows

  • Wrap resistance band around door anchor, hold onto the handles, back up until you feel some tug in the band, stand up tall with a soft bend in the knees
  • With the elbows held high, pull the hands back, in line with your pectorals  
  • Repeat 10 times 


3.  Resistance Band Chest Pulls

  • Hold resistance band in front of the chest with arms fully extended
  • Pull the band outwards with arms as you pull your elbows back, squeezing shoulder blades together
  • Return to starting position and repeat 10 times


4. Dumbbell Bench/ Box Squat 

  • Pick up a pair of dumbbells, and hold them by your sides
  • Stand in front of a box or bench that will be positioned directly behind you 
  • Begin to sit back with the hips, and squat down as if you were sitting in a chair
  • Keep the chest up, and open throughout the movement
  • Touch down on the bench, maintaining posture, as if you were sitting on the edge of your seat at a sports game 
  • Begin to stand back up, driving through your heels 


5. Glute-Hamstring Bridges 

  • Lie down on a mat with your eyes looking up to the ceiling
  • Bend at the knee and place your feet firmly on the floor, hands at your sides, palms facing the ground
  • Push your hips off the ground and up to the ceiling

Slowly lower the hips back down to the mat

Jessica DuBois

Jessica DuBois

Fitness Manager, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Pilates Trainer, Fitness Specialist