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Pilates For Better Balance

Pilates is a fantastic way to increase your ability to balance and be stable on your own two feet.  This can help decrease risk of injury and prevent falling. Strengthening your core and increasing your proprioception are two great ways to improve your balance, and Pilates is a wonderful way to do both!

Pilates classes are known for working towards a strong core.  You core muscles include your abdominal muscles like your rectus abdominis, transversus abdominis, and the your internal and external obliques.  It also includes your erector spinae and pelvic floor muscle group and more.  Overall, the core can be considered as the trunk of your body.  The Pilates Principle of centering guides us to hold the belief that all movement radiates outward from our core.  You use your core to help stabilize and your core muscles to help lift your limbs.  The spine and pelvis are also part of your core.  Proper spine and pelvic alignment aids in good posture and stability.

Proprioception is your awareness of how your body moves in space.  It allows us to be coordinated.  In Pilates we use the principles of relaxation and concentration to create awareness at the very beginning of class.  Stability follows awareness.  Mobility follows stability.  Putting awareness, stability and mobility in any other order doesn’t produce the same results.  How often have you bumped into something because you weren’t fully aware or were jostled because you weren’t stable?

Once your proprioception increases along with your core strength and stability you are better able to move with sure-footedness.   As you continue with Pilates you’ll notice other ways that it leads to steadiness in both stillness and movement.  Overall, better balance is one of the most renowned benefits of Pilates and one that can increase your quality of life.

– Britt Fox