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Are You Under Eating?

Eating and proper nutrition are fuel for our bodies, and this is especially important when we start increasing the frequency or intensity of our workouts.  When a person under eats for extended periods of time our metabolism can actually begin to slow down because the body is not being fueled properly.  For someone trying to lose weight or improve his or her body composition, this can really affect progress.

When you under eat, cravings for sugar and carbs can kick in, putting you at risk of binge sessions.

When we eat less than what our bodies’ need, a stress hormone called cortisol can rise.  The less you eat, the more your body thinks it’s starving.  This causes our bodies to hold on to every morsel of fuel (food) that comes its way.  When it needs energy, your body will break down muscle.  So under eating isn’t going to eliminate stomach fat until there isn’t enough muscle left to consume.

You might also experience tiredness, sleep disruption, and stomach discomfort if your body isn’t properly fueled.  This can hinder progress towards fitness and health goals.

When we sleep our body builds and repairs our muscles.  But this process doesn’t happen as efficiently if the body isn’t getting the fuel it needs.   Eating enough to supply your body with enough fuel can actually help you lose weight.

Don’t let undereating slow you down.  Properly fueling our bodies helps us reach our health and fitness goals, and can improve our overall mood, and general sense of well-being.

– Ashle Horvath