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Summer Time Grillin’

burgerFinally summer is coming! The sun is out. Time to fire up the grill! A lot of foods that we grill (brats, ribs, burgers, brisket) can be high in saturated fat. While some saturated fat is okay in our diet, it is important to limit how much we are getting. High saturated fats in our diet can lead to elevated cholesterol, heart disease and stroke. Instead try some leaner grilled items- chicken breast, kebabs or veggie/turkey burgers.

Trying to swap out ground beef with ground turkey but tired of a boring old turkey burger? Spice things up with these excited twists to a turkey burger!


Greek Burger:

Ground turkey burger

½ of a whole wheat pita

Sliced cucumbers

Sliced onions

Crumbled feta

Tzatziki Sauce (make your own! Plain non-fat greek yogurt, shredded cucumber, garlic and olive oil)


Buffalo Burger

Ground turkey burger

Buffalo sauce

Crumbled blue cheese

Low fat ranch dressing

Lettuce wrap


Hawaiian Burger

Ground Turkey Burger

Sliced low sodium ham

Sliced pineapple

BBQ sauce

Whole wheat bun


Remember, when buying ground turkey, look for the lean stuff – 90% lean or higher is best. Summer eating and grilling can still be fun when trying to eat healthy!


– Katherine Glick