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Pilates Tips For Beginners

Thinking about starting Pilates?  Wonderful!  Here are a few tips to help you feel more confident about your new practice.

  • Find a favorite class and commit to it on a weekly basis. This will create a habit for success.
  • On occasion, try a different Pilates class. Doing this gives you a more well-rounded experience as you learn from different instructors.
  • Take the time to learn the breath pattern for the movements. It won’t happen all at once–don’t let that discourage you. Pick a few moves each class where you can zero in on it. The most important thing is to just breathe.
  • Dial into the Pilates community. Start getting to know fellow members and instructors before or after class. Seeing friendly faces is a huge encouragement to show up and to better enjoy each session.
  • Inform your instructor. Let your instructor know if you have precautions to consider, new or old. This is a great way they can help you avoid injuries and help to restore the body.
  • Pick your challenge. Find a move that is a bit of a challenge for you and hold it in your mind as your own personal challenge. As you progress each week, that move will start to get easier.  Personal victories are fantastic motivators to keep up a new routine.
  • Clear your mind as best you can to help you tune into your instructors cueing.
  • Speak up. It’s okay to ask for clarification during class if necessary. We want you to feel confident and strong, knowing we’re in this together.
  • Consider clothing as an asset for your new regimen. Wear comfortable, moveable clothing that’s not too baggy. You will be moving your body in several different positions throughout class.  Pilates is also done shoeless, so grippy socks are handy to have but not a requirement.  Bare feet are welcome!
  • Practice makes perfect. Try some Pilates on your own at home. You’ll feel better prepared at the next class!

– Britt Fox