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Molasses Muffins With Flax and Dates

Mixing ground flaxseed into a recipe is a great way to increase your fiber and omega-3 intake.  Plus, who doesn’t want a healthy, good for you muffin for a snack after a workout at the gym?

Makes 12 Muffins


1 Whole Egg (or 2 Egg Whites)

1/3 Cup Molasses

1 Cup Buttermilk (or 1 Cup Fat Free Milk with 1 Tablespoon Vinegar, let sit 5 minutes to make “sour milk”)

¾ Cup Ground Flaxseed

½ Teaspoon Salt

1 Cup Chopped Dates

1 ½ Cups Whole Wheat Pastry Flour (or mix ¾ cup Whole Wheat Flour and ¾ cup All Purpose Flour)

1 Teaspoon Baking Soda

½ Teaspoon Cinnamon (optional)



  1. Preheat oven to 350⁰F, line 12 muffin cups with papers or spray lightly with oil to prevent sticking.
  2. In large bowl, mix egg, molasses, buttermilk (or sour milk), flax and salt. Add dates when combined.
  3. In separate bowl, mix flour, baking soda and cinnamon.
  4. Stir flour into liquid date mixture until just combined.
  5. Fill muffin cups 2/3 full and bake for 18-20 minutes, until a toothpick inserted in center comes out clean.


Recipe obtained from Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook, 5th Ed.