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Should I swim this winter?

(Here’s a hint…YES!)

Going into the cooler months means putting away the swimsuit, right?  Not so fast! You might think twice about hanging up your suit after learning more about all the benefits swimming can offer:

  • It works your entire body without using any extra equipment. It’s also muscle lengthening. You don’t need to plan to work certain muscles. Swimming targets them all. Swimming combines resistance training with cardio to build lean muscles and boost your metabolism. Putting your body through a range of movements can help your muscles stay long and lean.
  • Swimming is low impact cardio. If you are recovering from an injury, or looking to switch it up from running or cycling, then swimming is a great cross training option. There is more breath control compared to running, thus an increased demand for oxygen, causing your muscles to work that much more.
  • There are many variations. You can swim, kick, pull, and everything in between. It’s a great way to interval train, too.
  • Burn baby burn those calories! One hour of moderate swimming is estimated to burn about 500 calories.
  • It’s refreshing and different. Don’t be afraid to try something new, and jump out of that comfort zone. You may fall in love with a new endorphin kick!

If you’ve never learned how to swim, check out our programs at Elkhart Health & Aquatics. Our experienced and highly qualified instructors will guide any and all ages to success through proper technique and instruction. There are group and private options for you and your lifestyle.

Kristen Stooksbury