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Pool Temperatures

Several factors go into deciding what the ideal temperature should be set at for commercial and public pools. To start off with there are Competitive Swimming Temperature Regulations that a great starting point. Currently we do not have a competitive pool at Beacon Health and Fitness between the South Bend and Granger facilities, but we will have a competitive pool at the new Elkhart facility, The Tank, later this year. The Competitive Regulations for swimming place the temperatures between 77°F to 82°F.

What Temperature is Too Warm?

Water temperatures that are too warm can cause swimmers to overheat, create muscle cramps and cause the swimmers to dehydrate faster than normal. These are just a few of the complications swimmers and class participants can suffer when the water is too warm.
Water chemistry also plays a factor when the water is too warm. Bacteria, algae and other organisms thrive in under warm water conditions. For athletes and members that use the facility these conditions are obviously dangerous, therefor the water should be no higher than 82°F.

What Temperature is Too Cold?

The main problem with cold water is that it will shock the system of any swimmer. Any competitive swimmer will tell you the worst part of morning practice is getting into the cold water. There are more dangerous aspects as well, swimmers with heart conditions can go into cardiac arrest.
Chemically when the water is to cold it slows down reaction time and create chlorination issues if the dosages is not adjusted correctly.

Warm Water Pool Temperatures

Water temperatures for whirlpools and spas are normally maintained between 98 – 104°F. Therapy pools are for physical exercise and are maintained at lower temperatures between 89 – 94°F. These pools require closer maintenance of the water chemistry and a higher set point of chlorination to prevent the growth of bacteria and other organisms.

-Brad Jasinski, Certified Pool Operator