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Try Pilates to stretch the body and relax the mind. Too often people set these goals aside when choosing an exercise program. They may be viewed as a waste of time and aspirations of dropping pounds and gaining muscle are taken as the only fitness goals worth pursuing. Flexibility and taking time to clear your mind are just as excellent as working on how your body looks.

One aspect of Pilates is increased mobility. Without stretching our mobility goes down. Think of mobility as your primal movement capability. Sounds cool but hopefully it also broadens the way you think about stretching. Increased mobility allows you to walk, run, and just plain, move better with more ease.

Pilates is considered a mind-body exercise. This means it pairs focused breath, body movements and mental clarity together in one exercise form. Foundations of Pilates start with having awareness of breath and how your body moves through each exercise. This leads into concentration to perform each exercise well. It helps to relax the mind to have self awareness and concentration, essential components of Pilates. And in return the mental clarity brings more and longer lasting relaxation to the mind.

More calming benefits of Pilates not to be overlooked are the relaxing environment of dim lights, no music or peaceful music being played, thick mats and even feeling footloose and fancy free while exercising with no shoes on. In fact, stretching and relaxing go hand in hand. It’s important to note that Pilates still tones muscles, improves balance, restores strength and focuses on spinal health. Overall, doing something like Pilates will give you the peace of mind that you have done something good for your mind and body.