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The Importance of Showering Before Swimming

I’m sure you have heard about the rule of showering before you get into a public pool, but do you actually do it? Have you ever thought about why this is a rule? Have you thought that it is meant for people who are dirty, that it’s not referring to you? I want to go over these thoughts and why it’s important for everybody to shower for the safety of themselves and the other pool patrons.

According to the Water Quality and Health Council, only 32% of people shower before swimming.

What does showering do?

Taking a shower with soap removes numerous substances that you carry with you on a daily basis that affect the water quality and health of the other pool users. Some of these include cosmetics, lotions, body oils, perspiration and traces of urine and fecal matter.

Why is the Pre-Swim shower Important?

If you are swimming in the lap pool for an hour or just sitting in the hot whirlpool to relax, showering before is very important. You are not only protecting yourself, but the other swimmers from illnesses. Swimmers ear, skin infections or irritations, and respiratory issues are all things you can get from swimming in public pools where occupants do not shower before entering.

What does chlorine do in the pool?

Chlorine is used in swimming pools, hot-tubs and water parks all over the world to kill and oxidize harmful bacteria and germs. Chlorine is highly effective disinfectant, but the chemical doesn’t work on everything. When chlorine mixes with our body’s organic matter it creates a byproduct that is unhealthy. The chlorine smell in pools is actually the byproduct of the chlorine mixing with the organic matter that could of been removed with a soapy shower.

We use other chemicals and enzymes are added to the water to help reduce the amount of organic matter in the water.  But the more people that will shower before entering the pools the cleaner and safer our pools at Beacon Health & Fitness can be.