Raigan Dumm

I want to help people reach their fitness goals and gain confidence through individualized training specific to their wants and needs. Making a positive difference in the lives of others has always been a goal of mine.

Hayley Kramer

I desired to pursue a career as a personal trainer to inspire individuals to embrace healthier lifestyles, fostering self-confidence and overall well-being. With a profound passion for fitness, I find joy in ongoing learning within the ever-evolving field of exercise science.

Kristen Petty

Kristen received her Bachelors in Kinesiology from IUPUI where her major was Fitness Management and Personal Training. Most of her training background is Sport Performance based. Kristen’s philosophy as a coach/trainer is that everyone is an athlete, you just have to have the right skills and approach to help bring it out of them.

Josie Jacobs

Josie Jacobs is a highly experienced and passionate Pilates instructor, long time yoga
instructor, and fitness professional dedicated to helping individuals of all backgrounds and
fitness levels achieve their health and wellness goals. With a strong foundation in clinical fitness
disciplines, Josie discovered her true calling in the world of Pilates and has never looked back.

Blake Jones

I started my fitness journey while serving in the United States Marine Corps. I found my passion for becoming a Personal Trainer after tearing my achilles and learning how much more there is to good health than just “building muscle.”
I have competed at the National level in Men’s Physique Bodybuilding, as well as trained for Strength and Power most of my life. I am a “Pain Free Performance Specialist” which means we will focus on developing strength by perfecting your movement. My main goal for ALL of my clients is to ensure they feel like the own every fitness environment they walk into!

Austin Outlaw

After graduating from Michigan State
University with my degree in Human
Biology, I wanted to share all of the
incredible education that I received.
This led me to Beacon Health &
Fitness. When I first became a Certified
Personal Trainer, I wanted to remind
people that health goes far beyond a number on a scale. Health is made
up of how we feel on both the mind and body level. I am eager to work
with clients so that each one can find a state of whole-body happiness.
Fitness is something that anyone can enjoy and all it takes is consistency and
being kind to your body. As an aspiring physician, my goal is to work with
individuals inside and outside of my medical practice, so that we begin to
build healthier communities together- one rep at a time!

JD Greer

My football journey began in middle school and continued into high school at Concord, where I played as a middle linebacker and running back. Unfortunately, an injury cut my football […]

Abby Nelson

I have always had a passion for fitness and health, but I really started getting into resistance training in high school. Shortly after is when I started helping others out […]

Lexi Miller

Lexi graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with an Exercise Science Degree. In her free time, she loves playing pickle ball and volleyball, and loves to bake!