Austin Outlaw

After graduating from Michigan State
University with my degree in Human
Biology, I wanted to share all of the
incredible education that I received.
This led me to Beacon Health &
Fitness. When I first became a Certified
Personal Trainer, I wanted to remind
people that health goes far beyond a number on a scale. Health is made
up of how we feel on both the mind and body level. I am eager to work
with clients so that each one can find a state of whole-body happiness.
Fitness is something that anyone can enjoy and all it takes is consistency and
being kind to your body. As an aspiring physician, my goal is to work with
individuals inside and outside of my medical practice, so that we begin to
build healthier communities together- one rep at a time!

JD Greer

My football journey began in middle school and continued into high school at Concord, where I played as a middle linebacker and running back. Unfortunately, an injury cut my football […]

Abby Nelson

I have always had a passion for fitness and health, but I really started getting into resistance training in high school. Shortly after is when I started helping others out […]

Lexi Miller

Lexi graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with an Exercise Science Degree. In her free time, she loves playing pickle ball and volleyball, and loves to bake!

Brett Hammond

Brett loves all areas of fitness – from yoga to bodybuilding. He was a member at Beacon Health & Fitness before deciding to join the team as a Personal Trainer […]

Katie Budzius

I am an outgoing individual who loves helping others achieve their goals while having fun and keeping things light-hearted while doing so! I have done Crossfit for the past 4 years and have a passion for teaching individuals to feel confident in the gym. My love for health and fitness is what truly drives me to help others on their own individual journey! I look forward to sharing my knowledge and love for exercise with all of you!

Justin Deal

or orthopedic implants and medical devices. At a young age, he discovered a fascination for science and how the world around him works. This led him into studying microbiology at East Tennessee State University and University of Florida where he obtained his master’s degree. Coming from a health science background, Justin knows the benefits daily exercise has for someone. He missed the one-on-one connection he had with people and practice service-based leadership. Now, he is a certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a personal trainer. With his life experiences, knowledge, and determination to succeed, Justin wants to make impactful impressions to help people improve their lives and reach their health and fitness goals.

Jason Brandt

My name is Jason Brandt. I grew up in South Bend, Indiana. Since a very young age I have always been involved with sports and athletics, specifically baseball and basketball, which includes both playing and coaching. I graduated from Indiana University South Bend three times with degrees in business, mathematics and science, and exercise science. In my free time I enjoy being outdoors doing activities such as playing basketball, hiking, fishing, landscaping, antiquing, and anything involving my wife and kids. My goal in fitness is to ultimately help people be more active and be confident in the activities they do.