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Swim Lessons

Registration for our Fall 2 Session opens Thursday, October 20! Get notified of updates for our Fall 2 session by joining the email list below.

Elkhart Health & Aquatics offers a wide variety of lessons for swimmers of all ages and abilities. Our certified instructors lead your swimmer through the motions while supporting and encouraging them.

We offer swim lessons for anyone, no matter the skill level. Join our youth & adult small-group swim lessons, private lessons for children & adults, or join a youth or masters competitive swim team.

We’re excited to host swim lessons at Beacon Health & Fitness — Three Rivers as well!

Learn to swim or improve your skills with us today!

Download Swim Lesson Schedule

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2022 Swim Lesson Session Schedule:

Winter Session: 7 weeks | January 17 –  March 6 (Once a week)

Spring Session: 8 weeks | March 22 –  May 23 (Once a week)

School Is Out Mini-Session: 2 weeks | June 6 – June 16 (60 mins of lessons & fun every morning for 2 weeks, Mon-Thurs)

Summer Session: 7 weeks | June 20 – August 3 (Once a week)

Mid-Summer Mini-Session: 2 weeks | July 18 – July 28 (60 mins of lessons & fun every morning for 2 weeks, Mon-Thurs)

Fall Session I: 7 weeks | September 6 – October 23 (Once a week)

Fall Session II: 6 weeks November 6 – December 21 (Once a week)

*Dates may be subject to change

Youth & Adult: Learn to swim

Join us for our next session of small-group or private swim lessons!

Parent Tot | Under 3

Small-group, warm-water classes for parents and tots younger than 3 years working in the water with an instructor. Three progressive levels offered for you and your early swimmer.

Level 1: Intro to Water Skills & Basic Water Safety | Ages: 3 to 6

Swimmers work on breath control including bobs, submerging, supported front and back floats, supported float rolls, supported gliding, supported flutter kick, and supported front crawl arms. Lots of hands-on instructor support in Level 1.

Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic Skills | Ages: 3+

Swimmers work on independent front and back floats, independent float rolls, independent front and back glides, front and back crawl pulls and kicks, retrieving underwater objects, and jumping into water over their head. Swimmers gain independence in the water in Level 2.

Level 3: Stroke Development | Ages: 3+

Swimmers work on: efficient gliding, freestyle with side breathing, backstroke, breaststroke and dolphin kicks, retrieving objects in deeper water, treading water, jumping into deep water and compact dives. Swimmers in Level 3 gain new skills and various methods to move through the water of all depths for distance and safety!

Level 4: Improvement & Refinement | Ages: 4+

Swimmers in our advanced levels work on improving and refining their rotary and alternate side breathing, freestyle, backstroke, elementary backstroke. They are introduced to and improve breaststroke and butterfly strokes and kicks in order to get ready for swim team. They are introduced to turns at the wall and starting dives for all strokes, and they learn lots of deep water and diving board safety skills.

Adult 1:

For a teen or adult who has never learned to swim. Work with an experienced instructor to gain comfort & safety in the water. Skills taught include in-water breath control, submerging, getting into safe and independent front and back floats, and starting to propel through the water on front and back with basic flutter kicks and arm pulls.

Adult 2:

For a teen or adult who would like to improve their swimming skills. Are you comfortable in the water but looking to improve swimming endurance and efficiency? Work with an experienced instructor to improve your technique in order to swim faster for competition or more comfortably for exercise! Triathletes welcome. Skills taught include freestyle with more efficient side-breathing, backstroke for lap swimming or racing, and breaststroke!

*All lessons are at the pool at Elkhart Health & Aquatics or Beacon Health & Fitness — Three Rivers

Tips For Choosing Your Swimmer’s Starting Level

Not sure which class is best for your child or need more information on a program?

Contact Stef and she can help!
Stef Flemming,  Aquatics Coordinator:  |  574.584.2560


Achieve your aquatic goals with help from an Elkhart Health & Aquatics certified swim instructor.

Coaches assist with:

  • Learning how to swim
  • Technique and refinement
  • Competitive training
  • Endurance and conditioning
  • … and much more!

Private lessons are available in our scheduled sessions. 


*All lessons are at the pool at Elkhart Health & Aquatics.

Masters swimmers are coached through swim workouts practicing technique and refinement. Practices vary on distances and intensities based on the individual swimmer’s abilities and goals.

Swimmers work on:

  • Competitive strokes: freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke
  • Starts and turns
  • Drills, and everything in between!

Masters Swim Team offers three practices a week on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday at 6pm.
All swimmers must be at least 18 years of age to participate.

Contact Kelly to join the team today or for more information!
Stef Flemming,  Aquatics Coordinator:  |  574.584.2560