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Cleaning Challenge

We are living in uncertain times. It can feel like we have very little control of our lives and that can be unsettling. Words like quarantine, lockdown, state-of-emergency, travel bans… it’s is a lot to digest. So what can we do about that? What are the things we CAN control?

This challenge is not intended to make light of the fear. It is real. But also real is the idea that there will be life after this pandemic. We must keep living well right now so that we can resume life when this passes.

The idea is called the Cleaning Challenge. It means that every single day we do “a something.” We attack a closet, a dresser, a set of cabinets, the garage, the storage room …. whatever. Have a plan for every single day to sort, organize, throw away stuff, scrub, set things aside for donation, at least one area of your home. This challenge could take 15 minutes each day or several hours. That’s up to you.

Why? Because accomplishing something is great for our mental and emotional health. Being productive energizes us and helps us to evolve into our better selves. Because in the year 1687 Sir Isaac Newton said that things in motion tend to stay in motion. And that includes us right now.

​We’re going to remember this moment in our lives for a long time.  Let’s do all that we can to make the most of each day. And, let’s all emerge from this moment with some cleaner closets!